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Saturday, October 25, 2014

St Louis Job Growth Compared to other Midwestern Cities

St Louis Job growth is something that is important for us all, especially if we are looking to start a career, or even begin studying for one. Job growth includes the statistics of how fast the market is growing, how quickly new jobs are opening up, and how much (if any) the pay scale will raise. For most of us, all of these factors contribute into a major part of deciding on a career, or even choosing where to settle to work after graduating from college. While not as highly competitive as rich suburban areas such as Manhattan, the Midwest features a rich cultural heritage and background with a booming industry and a lot of job growth. Many people, and therefore jobs, are moving towards the Midwest in an effort to get away from busy cities and stress. Here are a few of the best areas for job growth in STL - as well as other Midwest cities.

Indianapolis, Indiana
 – Not especially famous for its population or jobs, Indianapolis is surprisingly one of the fastest growing job regions in the Midwest. When the high number of jobs are compared to the fewer number of skilled workers are compared, Indianapolis is an excellent place for someone to get a job and grow with it as their company expands. Indianapolis is the capitol of Indiana and one of the busiest cities in the region. It’s also home to a very large crop production, and is an excellent place for MBA’s, Financial Advisors and other skilled workers to go.

Columbus, Ohio – Another city not extremely well known for commerce, Columbus, Ohio is a great place to move for job growth. Columbus, like most other Midwest cities, plays a huge part in industrial manufacturing. You can either get a job as a manufacturer, as a skilled worker, or in management in any one of the number of Columbus factories and plants.


– Chicago has been an industrial center since the early days of its founding. With a central location near the Great Lakes and therefore access to shipping, prime access to steel and clay for making bricks, the city has been a building material manufacturer for nearly the last 150 years. Today, none of that has changed and you can expect to get a job in any of the coal, steal, lumber or brick making plants as well as any of those that produce edible goods as well. Once again, jobs in factories include but are not limited to manual labor. Most factories are also looking for managers, accountants, industrial specialists, marketers and other types of work as well.

The Midwest is one of the fastest growing areas in the United States, which makes it a very good place to be for your career. With fast growing jobs, endless opportunities for expansion and a low cost of living, it’s a great idea for Americans from almost anywhere to move. If you’re thinking about moving, try contacting companies and corporations in advance so that you can snag the job you want before you make the move.

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